How to encourage your cat to drink more water

  1. Canned cat food is an excellent way to encourage water consumption, because it is high in moisture content. Most cats like the taste. It can be warmed in the microwave to enhance the smell for a fussy eater. Try to feed some canned food every day. You can also add water to the canned or dry food.
  2. Provide fresh water daily. Cats are very sensitive to temperature and taste of water.
  3. Make sure the water bowl is filled to the brim all the time. Cats have sensitive whiskers that may not like touching the side of a partially full bowl.
  4. If your cat prefers to drink from a dripping tap, make sure it can always get to the tap/sink. Water fountains may be liked by these cats.
  5. Keep the water bowl clean. Fungal growths can begin at the bottom of the bowl quickly (within a day or two). Stainless steel, glass and ceramics are easier to keep clean than plastic bowls. Some cats prefer clear glass bowls or coffee cups. Experiment with different styles of water dishes.
  6. You can add a drop or two of tuna juice or broth (beef or chicken) in the water. Some cats like broth ice cubes.
  7. Some cats do not like tap water. You can try:
    • Bottled water (non-carbonated, unflavored, no extra minerals)
    • Brita water
    • Distilled water

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