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The Benefits of Spaying or Neutering your Cat

Spaying and neutering refer to the surgical sterilization of your cat. This ensures that your pet cannot reproduce.

Cats are typically spayed/neutered when they are 4-6 months old, although the procedure can be done from as early as 8 weeks of age through adulthood. It is ideal to have the surgery done before your cat reaches sexual maturity. Females should be spayed BEFORE their first heat.

We have a responsibility to prevent unwanted animals from being euthanized everyday, simply because there are no homes for them.

Over 3 million cats are euthanized in shelters due to over population

Benefits of Spaying:

  • Prevents Pregnancy and the complications that may arise from pregnancy and delivery
  • Eliminates the heat cycle; you won’t have to listen to the sounds of your female cat in heat, trying to get out and find a mate!
  • Prevents unwelcome males from trying to seek out your female cat in heat
  • Eliminates sexual discomfort, distress or distraction…..making your cat happier and more content
  • Eliminates the possibility of disease or cancer in the reproductive system.

Benefits of Neutering:

  • Reduces the distraction and destructive behavior associated with the male’s efforts to get out and find a mate.
  • Reduces the urge to fight
  • Stops or reduces marking behavior (spraying)
  • Reduces the urge to roam. This makes it less likely that you will lose your cat, which in turn makes your cat less likely to contract a disease, get in a fight, get injured or become a victim to cruelty, poison or traffic
  • Eliminates the risk of testicular cancer

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