You and your Cat Deserve a Cat Friendly Practice


Taking your cat to the veterinary practice where they may meet other cats or dogs, and new sights, sounds, and smells can be stressful for both you and your cat. However, there is now the option  or veterinary practices to become a Cat Friendly Practice ® , going the extra mile to improve the veterinary experience for your cat. As part of this global Program, veterinary teams have discovered that understanding cats mean happier cats and caregivers, as well as happier veterinary team members.


Cat Friendly Practices ® understand a cat’s unique needs and make specific  changes to meet those needs. These changes provide a more calming visit for cats. Cat Friendly Practices ® can guide you on ways to reduce stress before and after the visit, including how to make the carrier a home away from home for your cat. Veterinary teams have extra training in how to care for cats in a gentle and caring manner. Some practices have even renovated their rooms to make a space that considers your cat’s needs and is less stressful for you and your cat. When you see the Cat Friendly Practice ® designation, you can be sure your cat will be given exceptional care and attention through all parts of the visit – from checkups and vaccinations to surgery and hospital care. Being a Cat Friendly Practice ® means the practice has proven a higher level of commitment to excellence in feline medicine.

Inside the Practice

Each space in the veterinary practice can be adapted to make it better for cats. Some examples of what Cat Friendly Practices ® may offer include:

  • A waiting room with an area for cats that is separated from dogs, with shelves or a table to place cat carriers on (cats feel safer off the floor)
  • Cat-only appointment times, or the option to wait in a temperature-controlled car
  • Cat-only exam rooms, free from dog smells
  • A hospital ward that provides a safe, warm, quiet, and calm area for sick cats which ideally is also separated from dogs


Handling and Examining Cats
Cat Friendly Practices® provide:

  • Extra time examining your cat (at least 15 minutes although longer is recommended, especially for sick, older, or very stressed cats). Longer appointment times let your cat get comfortable in a new place. Cats are always handled gently and kindly
  • Cat’s responses to handling are closely monitored and changes are made based on what emotions the cat may be feeling.
  • Cats should never be held down to keep them still or held or lifted by the ‘scruff’ (skin on the back of the neck). This will cause fear and pain, and lead to a bad experience for the cat that day and at future visits. Clips that pinch the ‘scruff’ or heavy gloves should not be used.
  • Cats should feel comfortable during their checkup and should be given a choice to sit, stand, or lay where they like in the exam room.
  • Veterinary professionals at Cat Friendly Practices® have learned to change the way they touch and hold their patients, to ensure each cat is comfortable.


Veterinary Team Training

  • Veterinary professionals at a Cat Friendly Practice® are well trained and obtain the latest veterinary information about caring for cats through their membership with the AAFP.
  • Individual team members may also choose to obtain a Cat Friendly Certificate for extra training (learn more at


Cats need regular checkups to help ensure longer, happier, and healthier lives. During routine checkups, your veterinarian can often detect conditions or diseases that may affect your cat’s health before they become painful or more difficult to treat. The Cat Friendly Practice ® (CFP) Program reduces the stress associated with veterinary visits, improves the quality of care provided, and supports the veterinary team. Almost any veterinary practice can become Cat Friendly with simple, inexpensive changes and a determination to help improve the care of cats in their care.


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